Concealed Carry Licensing and Better Pistol Shooting Classes now being offered.

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I am pleased to announce that I will be conducting Ohio CCW licensing classes in the Northeast Ohio region.  Also, I will be offering “Better Shooting” Classes to increase your handgun shooting proficiency.

Concealed Carry Classes include the NRA Basic Pistol Course and covers everything one needs to know inorder to be a safe and law abiding concealed carry licensee.

Large classes are most likely to be conducted at the American Range in North Jackson, Ohio. Smaller groups classes will be at a different location and the shooting portion will be conducted at the American Range in North Jackson.

If you prefer a more personalized and smaller group setting I will also schedule to come to your house and conduct the classroom portion for you and your family or friends. These classes I would like to keep to no more than 6 students in size. If your schedule does not permit a whole Saturday and Sunday morning, I will gladly conduct the classroom portion of the CCW class at your convenience, to include weeknights and range time according to your schedule as well.

If you already have a CCW license, have attended the NRA Basic Pistol Course or have a classification in any competitive pistol shooting discipline and just want to beome more proficient we can schedule a 2, 4 or 8 hour class. These classes are best suited for a group of 2-6 shooters. So talk to friends and schedule some quality trigger learning time.

Rates and range fees will vary depending on group sizes and travel.

To schedule a class please email me and include what kind of class you are requesting and group size. Be sure to include your name and a good phone # with your email.

See you on the firing line!

Brian “Gunny” Zins

Concealed Carry Classes forming now, email today for classs info.



Cost for this class is $100.00 per student Class Materials and Range time included. 

Thanks to Buckeye Fireams for having this page. For those who are unsure of anything CCW related in the state of Ohio check out this link for clarification. Lots of good information here.