You can buy the extended car warranty Dubai right after your standard car warranty has been expired. It can be long lasting as you choose the right warranty plan for you. The system of a car can be very complicated when we observe its electrical and mechanical integration. It is not predicted that when you will face a mishap and you will have to pay for the repairs for your car. So, reputable extended car warranty companies can help the owners to avoid such repairs on hands for their cars. But there are many other drawbacks and things you must consider before buying extended car warranties.

It’s a gamble: Nobody’s know the future and you also don’t know that what will happen with your car in future. If you are careful, you don’t need to buy the extended car warranty for your car. But, if you already have and it doesn’t cover your car repair and loss expenses, it means you are paying interest on the warranty.

Not all repairs are covered: It is important for you to know that what services and repairs will be included in the extended car warranty plan which you are going to buy because not all the repairs are covered by the extended car warranty. You must read the clauses of the warranty plans for the better understanding. You may ask to the dealership that which system, part and repairs will be included in the extended warranty plan for your car. Make sure that you are not going to pay more for fewer benefits because oil change, filters and many parts installed in a car are not insured by the manufacturer company.

Limited to certain repair shops: You must have to consider that which repair shops and company workshops are included in the extended warranty plans when they offer you a warranty plan. Because in some case, you are out of city and need to check your car to a workshop and they don’t have the partnership with the dealership from where you bought the warranty. So it will be problematic for you to buy suck type of warranty plans.

Wrong side of the bet: This is the business strategy of the various companies to offer the extended car warranties to the customers. They try to get more bucks from you by these strategies.

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